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Pish Posh

Just A Hobby

Initial release : 1997


This collection of early recordings by Just A Hobby includes a song called Deadhead On A Moped.


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Recorded between 1992 and 1995 in various locations.

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Deadhead on a Moped
Words and Music by Just A Hobby

Deadhead on a moped riding down the street
Pulling out of Graceland. Who's he gonna meet?
Is he gonna see the doctor? Is he gonna catch the train?
Is he off to find some lost love he'll never see again?
Will we see him at the station standing in the rain?

Deadhead on a moped in the passing lane.
What's his destination? What's his final claim?
Will he find her in a commune somewhere in the west?
Did she join the corporate scene just like all the rest?
Did she set up shop somewhere, selling fringed vests?

Deadhead on a moped. Flying 'cross the tracks.
Coming down on Third Street and never looki.
On the lookout for the woman who make him feel so good.
Stopping by the playground in his old neighborhood.
Hit the city limits faster than he should...

Deadhead on a moped pulling to the side.
Going through a school zone doing 45.

"Excuse me sir, but can I see your Driver's License please?"
"I'm sorry ma'am, but I haven't got one and I can't really pay the fees."
It was then she took off her sunglasses to get a better look at his face.
A sudden flash of recognition and gentle embrace.

Impounded the moped. Eventually was towed.
Squad car right beside it. Abandoned on the road.
Chopper and a sidecar in the traffic mix.
Headed down to 'Frisco on route 66.