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Pluck! (Directions in Jazz Viola)

Eric Golub

Initial release : 2003

This album includes a cover of Dark Star.

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  • Sultans Avenue (Golub, Douglass, Dogole)
  • Roaming And Climbing(Golub, Douglass, Dogole)
  • Biola Dance (Traditional arr. Golub)
  • Up On The Lookout (Golub, Douglass, Dogole)
  • Dark Star (Grateful Dead arr. Golub)

  • Eric Golub - viola, electric viola, violin, electric violin, cello, electric bass, Japanese three-string fiddle, gongs, handclaps, voice, percussion, koto
  • Bill Douglass - bass (tracks 1, 2 and 4)
  • Ian Dogole - percussion (tracks 1, 2 and 4)

  • Producer - Eric Golub