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Ratbite Fever

Over The Hill

Initial release : 1990

SPM 0006

Robert Hunter sings on one track of this album by 'The British answer to the Grateful Dead'. The album was recorded in 1974 but not released until 1990. This CD release includes the unreleased 1974 album plus six extra live songs.


  • Ain't It Strange (Over The Hill)
  • Karina (Sundholm)
  • Ratbite Fever (Over The Hill)
  • Milestones (Sundholm)
  • The Budgie Song (Roe/Perry)
  • Helena (Sundholm)
  • Lay Down By Me (Roe)
  • A Change Will Surely Come (Over The Hill)
  • Are You There (Roe)
  • Stuck In The Groove (Over The Hill)
  • Helena (live) (Sundholm)
  • Milestones (live) (Sundholm)
  • Bring It On Home (live)
  • No More Trains (live)
  • Baby Let Me Follow You Down (live)
  • The Budgie Song (live) (Roe/Perry)

  • Roy Sundholm - bass
  • Peter Roe - guitar, vocals
  • John Perry - guitar, vocals
  • Alan Platt - drums

  • Robert Hunter - vocals (Ratbite Fever)

  • Producer - Alan Osbaldston, Over The Hill
  • Engineer - Alan Osbaldston
  • CD booklet notes - Claus Kriebitzsch
  • Tracks 1-10 recorded at Newbury Farmhouse Studios in 1974

Over The Hill were formed in 1972, broke up at the start of 1973 and reformed, with the line-up that recorded this album, toward the end of 1973.

Robert Hunter worked with the band in 1974 whilst working on material for Tales Of The Great Rum Runners. He reportedly sing on Ratbite Fever on this album but his voice is not obviously audible.

No More Trains is very similar to the Robert Hunter song That Train Don't Run Here Anymore.

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