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Perry Farrell

Initial release : November 1999

Warner Brothers 47544

This compilation of material featuring vocalist Farrell includes the Jane's Addiction version of Ripple that was originally released on Deadicated.

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  • Rev (Farell/Leiker)
  • Whole Lotta Love (Bonham/Dixon/Jones/Page/Plant)
  • Been Caught Stealing (Avery/Farrell/Navarro/Perkins)
  • Jane Says (Avery/Farrell/Navarro/Perkins)
  • Stop (Avery/Farrell/Navarro/Perkins)
  • Mountain Song (Avery/Farrell/Navarro/Perkins)
  • Summertime Rolls (Avery/Farrell/Navarro/Perkins)
  • Kimberly Austin (DiStefano/Farrell/LeNoble/Perkins)
  • Tonight (Bernstein/Sondheim)
  • Tahitian Moon (DiStefano/Farrell/LeNoble/Perkins)
  • Pets (DiStefano/Farrell/LeNoble/Perkins)
  • Cursed Male (DiStefano/Farrell/LeNoble/Perkins)
  • 100 Ways (DiStefano/Farrell/Perkins)
  • Hard Charger (DiStefano/Farrell/Perkins)
  • Ripple (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Satellite Of Love (Reed)

The performers on the tracks of this compilation are;

  • Rev and Whole Lotta Love - Perry Farrell
  • Been Caught Stealing, Jane Says, Stop, Mountain Song, Summertime Rolls and Ripple - Jane's Addiction
  • Kimberly Austin, Tonight, Tahitian Moon, Pets, Cursed Male, 100 Ways, Hard Charger and Satellite Of Love - Porno For Pyros
The musicians performing Ripple are;
  • Perry Farrell - vocals
  • Dave Navarro - guitars
  • Stephen Perkins - drums, percussion
  • Eric A - bass

  • Producers - Chad Bamford, Perry Farrell, Matt Hyde, Dave Jerden, Thomas Johnson, John King, Ralph Sall, Krish Sharma
  • Engineers - Chad Bamford, Ronnie S. Champagne, Perry Farrell, Joe Gibb, Matt Hyde, Dave Jerden, Thomas Johnson, John King, Rob Seifert, Krish Sharma
  • Remixing - Ronnie S. Champagne, Perry Farrell
  • Mastering - Dave Collins
  • Programming - Perry Farrell, Brendan Hawkins
  • Drum Programming - Brendan Hawkins
  • Design - Steve Gerdes, Mike Lohr
  • Photography - Chris Cuffaro
  • Thank you - Eric Avery, Steven Baker, Aaron Chasen, Peter DiStefano, Ted Gardner, Trudy Green, Matt Hyde, Dave Jerden, Thomas Johnson, Gary Kurfirst, Martyn LeNoble, Roger Leonard, Linda Lyon, Dave Navarro, Mo Ostin, Stephen Perkins, Heidi Ellen Robinson, Adam Schneider, Owen Sloane, Triple X Records, Paul V., Troy Wallace, Lenny Waronker, Mike Watt, Malysa Wilson, Alice Winfield
  • Management - Trudy Green
  • Attorney - Jamie Young
  • Business manager - Nicholas Brown
Related releases

The version of Ripple on this compilation was originally released on;

  • Deadicated, Various Artists, 1991, Arista ARCD 8669