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Rice, Rice, Hillman, and Pedersen

Tony Rice, Larry Rice, Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen

Initial release : October 1999

Rounder 0450

This album includes a version of Friend Of The Devil.


  • Doesn't Mean That Much Anymore (Steve Hill/Chris Hillman)
  • Side Effects of Love (Larry Rice)
  • One of These Days (Earl Montgomery)
  • Never Ending Song Of Love (Bonnie Bramlett/Delaney Bramlett)
  • Friend Of The Devil (John Dawson/Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter)
  • Out Among The Stars (Adam Mitchell)
  • Moonshine (Jimmie D. Buchanan)
  • Moment Of Glory (Steve Hill/Chris Hillman)
  • The Year Of El Nino (Larry Rice)
  • Hearts Overflowing (Mike Brewer)
  • I Will (Steve Hill/Chris Hillman)
  • The Walkin' Blues (Steve Hill/Chris Hillman)
  • I'll Be on That Good Road Someday (Bruce Phillips)

  • Tony Rice - guitar
  • Chris Hillman - mandolin, vocals
  • Larry Rice - mandolin, vocals
  • Herb Pedersen - banjo, guitar, vocals

  • Bill Bryson - bass
  • Rickie Simkins - fiddle
  • Ronnie Simpkins - bass
  • Fred Travers - dobro
The CD booklet provides musician information for each track. On Friend Of The Devil this is;
  • Herb Pedersen - banjo
  • Larry Rice - mandolin, lead vocal
  • Tony Rice - guitar
  • Rickie Simkins - fiddle
  • Ronnie Simpkins - bass
  • Fred Travers - dobro

  • Producer - Bill Wolf for Wolf Productions
  • Engineer - Bill Wolf, Bob Wright
  • Mastering - Bill Wolf
  • Photography - Senor McGuire
  • Design - Jean Wilcox
  • Liner Notes - Jon Weisberger
  • Special thanks to - Paul Benson, Keith case, Bill Wolf, Rickie and Ronnie Simpkins, Fred Travers, Bill Bryson, Jon Weisberger and all the fans who have supported us through the years
  • Recorded at Bias Recording, Springfield, VA and Gemini Studios, Ojai, CA
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The version of Friend Of The Devil from this CD has been included on at least three compilations;

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