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Royal Highness

Kottonmouth Kings

Initial release : 1998

Capitol 23857

This release includes the song Whats your Trip? which includes a reference to the Grateful Dead.


  • Bong Tokin' Alcoholics
  • Play On
  • Suburban Life
  • Life Ain't What It Seems
  • So High
  • Big Hoss
  • Spies performed by Kottonmouth Kings /
  • Bump
  • Dog's Life performed by Kottonmouth Kings /
  • Misunderstood
  • Dirt Slang
  • What's Your Trip?
  • High Society
  • Psychedelic Funk
  • Me & My Shake
  • Discombobulated performed by Kottonmouth Kings / Dog-Boy
  • Planet Budtron

  • Kottonmouth Kings
Guests on some tracks;
  • Humble Gods
  • Too Rude
  • Dog-Boy

The song What's Your Trip? Includes the lines;

It's about to happen in the next few hours
I've entered a world with billions of flowers
Pixies all dancing all around my head
Chillin' to the melodies of the grateful dead

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