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Search For Intelligent Life

Dose Hermanos

Initial release : 2000

Relix 2108

Tom Constanten and Bob Bralove cover 60's material, including a version of Dark Star, and add some of their own. Includes the debut recording of TC vocals.

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  • Take A Giant Step Outside Your Mind
  • Midnight Train From Bangladesh
  • Reflections Of A Sultry Summer Evening
  • Hot!
  • A Million O'Clock In Zanzibar
  • People Are Strange
  • The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
  • Search For Intelligent Life
  • Dark Star

  • Tom Constanten - keyboards, vocals on People Are Strange
  • Bob Bralove - keyboards, electronics, vocals
  • Henry Kaiser - guitar (on A Million O'Clock In Zanzibar and Search For Intelligent Life)