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Robert Hunter

Initial release : October 1993

Rykodisc 20265

Hunter reads his own poetry.

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  • Pride of Bone (Hunter)
  • Gingerbread Man (Hunter)
  • Idiot's Delight (excerpt) (Hunter)
  • A Red Dog's Decoration Day (Hunter)
  • Trapping a Muse (Hunter)
  • Jaaz #3 (Hunter)
  • Toad in Love (Hunter)
  • Rimbaud at Twenty (Hunter)
  • Rain in a Courtyard (Hunter)
  • Way of the Ride (Hunter)
  • Sentinel (Hunter)
  • Preserpie and Senti Yagoya (Hunter)
  • Poets on Poets (Hunter)
  • Like a Basket (Hunter)
  • Yagritz (Hunter)
  • Cocktails with Hindemith (Hunter)
  • Blue Moon Alley (Hunter)
  • The New Jungle (Hunter)
  • Full Moon Cafe (Hunter)
  • Tango Hit Palace (Hunter)
  • Exploding Diamond Blues (Hunter)
  • Rainwater Sea (Hunter)
  • Holigomena (Hunter)

  • Robert Hunter - voice

  • Mastering - Dr. Toby Mountain, Northeastern Digital Recording
  • Cover and booklet art - Maureen Hunter
  • CD Package Design - Barbara Longo
  • Original cover typography - Bruce Licher
  • CD booklet notes - Alan Trist, Ed Friedman, Raymond Foye, David Greenberg
  • Recorded at Casa Hunter direct to DAT

The release of this album coincided with the publishing of his collection of poetry, Sentinel, in 1993.

The poems on the album are taken from Sentinel with the following exceptions;