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The Serpent Unrolled

Fit & Limo

Initial release : 1998

September Gurls

This release from the German 'psychedelic folk' duo includes a version of Dark Star.


  • Morgenroroe (Limo)
  • Born In The Eleventh Month (Limo)
  • Dark Star (Hunter / Garcia)
  • Walking The Labyrinth (Limo)
  • Song Of The Basilisk (Limo)
  • Florence's Birthday (Limo)
  • Images Of April (Rapp)
  • Salad Day (Limo)
  • Marry Me (Limo)
  • I'll Be Clay (Limo)
  • Mondisch (Fit / Limo)
  • Traumtür (Fit / Limo)
  • The Dew (Limo)
  • Her Ancient Theme (Limo)

  • Fit - autoharp, glockenspiel, whistle, percussion, jew's harp, piano strings, gopichand, kazoo, handy organ, violin, metallophone, toy piano, harmonium, tubular bells, bass, noises, vocals
  • Limo - church organ, bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, veeh harp, shenai, piano, bongos, sitar, clay drums, tabla, xylophone, handy organ, banjo, dulcimer, bouzouki, whistle, kalimba, clarinet, percussion, electric guitar, vocals

  • Mastering - Wilfried Zahn, Bremen
  • Sleeve design, artwork - Eva Kohler
  • Serpent painting - Mrs. Fit
  • Photography of Fit & Limo - Therry
  • Produced and mixed at the Party Shrine, 1997/98 except Images Of April, 1996
  • Thanks, love and respect to everyone who supported us once, now and then
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