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Shine: The Hits


Initial release : 2000

Sparrow 51787

Includes one song, Shine, that refers to Deadheads.


  • Shine (Furler/Taylor)
  • I'm Not Ashamed (Furler/Taylor)
  • Breakfast (Furler/Taylor)
  • Reality (Furler/Taylor)
  • Take Me to Your Leader (Furler/Taylor)
  • Joy (Furler/Taylor)
  • Entertaining Angels (Davis/Furler/Joel)
  • Praises (Furler/McKeehan/Taylor)
  • Spirit Thing (Furler/Taylor)
  • Woohoo (Furler/Joel)
  • Step up to the Microphone (Frankenstein/Furler/Joel)
  • God Is Not a Secret (Furler/McKeehan/Taylor)
  • Where You Belong/Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus (Furler/Taylor)
  • Who? (Furler/Taylor)
  • Believe (Furler/Joel)
  • I Got Your Number (Furler/James/Perdikis/Taylor)
  • Mega-Mix (Davis/Frankenstein/Furler/Joel/Taylor)

Musicians include;

  • John James - vocals
  • Kevin Mills - bass, vocals
  • Jody Davis - guitar, vocals
  • Jeff Frankenstein - keyboards
  • Peter Furler - drums, vocals
  • Duncan Phillips - keyboards, vocals
  • Rob Caprio - noise, loops
  • Philip Urry - bass, vocals
  • Dan Muckala - keyboards
  • Phil Joel - bass, vocals
  • DJ Maj - turntables
  • Pop Steam Choir

Shine includes the verse;

Out of the shaker and onto the plate
It isn't Karma, it sure ain't fate
That would make a Deadhead sell his van
That would make a schizophrenic turn in his crayons
Oprah freaks, And science seeks a rationale
That shall excuse this strange behavior
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