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Some Of Our Best Friends Are

Various Artists

Initial release : 1969

Warner Brothers PRO-290

A promotional sampler that includes a track by the Grateful Dead and a track by Eric Andersen.

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Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • I Would Be The One - Kensington Market
  • Night In The City - Joni Mitchell
  • Avalanche - Eric Andersen
  • What Is Love - The Collectors
  • Then I'd Be Satisfied With Life - Tiny Tim
  • Ambitious Anna - David Blue
  • Born Cross Eyed - Grateful Dead
  • If 6 Was 9 - Jimi Hendrix
  • The Motorcycle Song - Arlo Guthrie
  • I Think It's Gonna Rain Today - Randy Newman
  • Crystal Liason - The Fugs
  • Kyrie Eleison - Electric Prunes
  • 1941 - Tom Northcott
  • Donovan's Colours - Van Dyke Parks
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Born Cross-Eyed was originally released on a single and an album. Unsure which version is included here;

Avalanche was originally released on;