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Somebody To Love CD-ROM

The Jerry Garcia Band / With Mr. Twidge and Art & Antics

Initial release : 1993


A multimedia CD-ROM that includes a screensaver, Garcia art work and a previously unreleased audio version of Everybody Needs Somebody To Love.

album cover

  • Multimedia track : Screensavers, Desktop Themes, Wallpapers, Icons and Animated Cursors all based on Garcia artwork
  • Audio track : Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

The Jerry Garcia Band playing on Everybody Needs Somebody To Love is;

  • Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
  • Gloria Jones - vocals
  • John Kahn - bass
  • David Kemper - drums
  • Jackie LaBranch - vocals
  • Melvin Seals - organ, keyboards

Here's the blurb from Grateful Dead Merchandise about the CD-ROM;

Track One: Tons of unbelievably cool animation in brilliant colors. Every image started out on Jerry's sketch pads, easel, or on his own computer. Jerry's drawings and paintings come to life as Screensavers, Desktop Schemes, Wallpapers, Icons and Animated Cursors. This is art just released by the Jerry Garcia Estate. If you run Windows '95, you can create three entirely different desktop environments with an amazing assortment of visual, audio and interactive features. Track One also features the animated Mr. Twidge screensaver. This woodland creature hops all over your screen tending to his garden, munching greens and daydreaming of golf, flying and the perfect girlfriend. Track One also features the animated Salamander screensaver that crawls over and under your desktop, and Jerry's One Man Art Show with 36 examples of Jerry's art that you can arrange as you wish. You hang the show!

Track Two: "Somebody to Love," nine minutes and six seconds of Jerry Garcia Band history, available only on this very special product. Recorded live on 2.26.93 at the Warfield as an HDCD encoded recording, this is the first Enhanced CD that utilizes HDCD technology to deliver more dynamic range, more natural vocal & instrumental timbre, greater depth and space, and better resolution of low-level details. The track features Jerry Garcia, Gloria Jones, Jackie LaBranch, John Kahn, David Kemper and Melvin Seals. Your stereo will never be the same!

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