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Arlo Guthrie

Initial release : 1986

Rising Son Records

This album includes a song, Oh Mom, that refers to the Grateful Dead.


  • All Over The World (Guthrie)
  • Russian Girls (Guthrie)
  • Here We Are / Way Out In The Country (Guthrie)
  • Someday (Guthrie)
  • Satellite (Guthrie)
  • Oh Mom (Guthrie / Hall)
  • Unemployment Line (MacKay)
  • Eli (Guthrie)
  • Major Blues (Guthrie)
  • You And Me (Guthrie)

  • Arlo Guthrie - guitar, keyboards. Vocals
  • Terry a la Berry - drums, percussion
  • Steve Ide - guitars, backing vocals
  • Dan Velika - bass, guitar, backing vocals
  • David Grover - guitar, backing vocals
  • Chuck Hammer - synthesizer guitar
  • Diamond Jim Baker - saxophone
  • John Pilla - guitar
  • Penny Nichols, Carol Ide, Leah Kunkel, Judy Lunseth - backing vocals

The song Oh Mom, which was written by Arlo Guthrie and Terry Hall, includes the lines:

Oh Mom can't you tell me where your head's at
I'm sick to death of hearing about
Where you saw the Grateful Deads at
Oh Mom, don't you know this is the eighties?
Oh Mom, can't you relate to what the date is?

Mom's just a throw-back
To the sixties generation
All that junk like peace and love
Is just an aggravation
Ain't got no use for transcendental meditation
Mom, your universal love is such a drag
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