Songs For B-Movies

Torsos From Space

Initial release : 2003


This album includes a song called Another Shitty Deadhead Band.


  • Mission Statement
  • Japanese Porn
  • A to the Dilio
  • Old Ass Pumas
  • Another Shitty Deadhead Band
  • Duck Egg Roll
  • Give Us Some of That Butt
  • Chokin On a Chicken Bone
  • Pullitoutlikeyodaddyshoulda
  • Thanks Uncle Steve (for the Weed)
  • Yo Mommas On the
  • Some Motherfucker Stole My Truck
  • My Lady(lives in a Trailer With Her Kids and Her Asshole)
  • Kuntry
  • The Shit You Cant Afford
  • She Don't Love Me No Mo