Songs To Fill The Air: The Avant Ghetto's 2016 WFMU Premium

Various Artists

Initial release : 2016


A compilation of covers of Grateful Dead songs, songs from the Dead repertoire, and a cover of the Jerry Garcia piece Love Scene from the Zabriskie Point soundtrack. The compilation was put together as a fundraiser for WFMU.


  • Bird Song - Lake Mary
  • High Time - Itasca
  • Cold Rain And Snow - Chris Forsyth And The Solar Motel Band
  • Attics Of My Life - William Tyler
  • Beat It On Down The Line - Wooden Wand
  • Mountains Of The Moon - PG Six
  • Ripple - Sarah Louise
  • To Lay Me Down - Meg Baird
  • Lady With A Fan - Anthony Pasquarosa
  • Love Scene/St Stephen - Jon Collin
  • Black Peter - Matt Valentine
  • Jack Straw - Ignatz
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