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Sonic Roar Shock

Dose Hermanos

Initial release : 1997

Grateful Dead Records

The first officially released CD from the keyboard duo comprising the ex Dead keyboard player, TC, and the Dead's MIDI master, Bralove.


  • Velvet Jungle
  • Meteor Blizzard
  • Casbahr Hop
  • Liquid Gardens
  • Reorient Express
  • Waltz of the Autumn Moon
  • Swamp Thing
  • Moonscape at Earthrise
  • Buddha Pest Rush-Hour
  • Fire Dance
  • Cartoon Spy
  • Shadow of the Invisible Man
  • Roar Shock

  • Tom Constanten
  • Bob Bralove

  • Recorded live at the Knitting Factory, The Wetlands, and the Cabaloosa in New York January 1996
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