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Soul Grooving

Merl Saunders Trio and Big Band

Initial release : 1968

Galaxy (in Europe: America 30AM 6093)

Merl Saunders organ based trio augmented on some tracks by the Ray Shanklin Big Band.


Side 1

  • Soul Roach (Saunders/Shanklin)
  • Lonesome Fever (Saunders)
  • I Pity The Fool (Malone)
  • Up, Up And Away (Webb)
  • Ode To Billy Joe (Gentry)
Side 2
  • My Train (Saunders/Shanklin)
  • Angel Eyes (Dennis/Brent)
  • Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby (Jordan/Austin)
  • Tighten Up (Saunders/Shanklin)
  • Soul Grooving (Daniels/Saunders/Shanklin)

Merl Saunders Trio;

  • Merl Saunders - organ
  • Eddie Moore - drums
  • Jimmy Daniels
Members of the Ray Shanklin Big Band play on Soul Roach, Lonesome Fever, I Pity The Fool, My Train, Tighten Up and Soul Grooving. The musicians involved include;
  • Ray Shanklin - alto saxophone
  • Johnny Bishop - guitar
  • Bill Elliot - drums

  • Big band arrangements - Ray Shanklin
  • Sleeve notes - Wally Ray
Related releases

Two singles were released in conjunction with this LP;

  • I Pity The Fool / Tighten Up, Merl Saunders, 1968, Galaxy 747
  • Soul Grooving / Up Up and Away, Merl Saunders, 1969, Galaxy 755
Tighten Up was included on; I Pity The Fool was included on;
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