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The Strange Remain

The Other Ones

Initial release : February 1999

Grateful Dead Records (Arista) 4062

Live double CD by the grouped formed in 1998 by the remaining members of the Grateful Dead. Includes mainly Grateful Dead songs plus a couple of Bruce Hornsby songs and a couple of new Hart/Hunter songs.

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Disc 1

  • St. Stephen> (Garcia/Hunter/Lesh)
    The Eleven (Hunter/Lesh)
  • Jack Straw (Hunter/Weir)
  • Sugaree (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Corrina (Hart/Hunter/Weir)
  • Only The Strange Remain (Hart/Hunter)
  • White-Wheeled Limousine (Hornsby)
  • Estimated Prophet (Barlow/Weir)
Disc 2
  • Playing In The Band (Hart/Hunter/Weir)
  • The Other One (Kreutzmann/Weir)
  • Banyan Tree (Hart/Hunter/Weir)
  • Rainbow's Cadillac (Hornsby)
  • Mountains Of The Moon (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Friend Of The Devil (Dawson/Garcia/Hunter)
  • Baba Jingo (Hart/Hunter)
  • China Cat Sunflower> (Garcia/Hunter)
    I Know You Rider (Traditional)

  • Dave Ellis - saxophone, vocals
  • Mickey Hart - percussion, RAMU, vocals
  • Bruce Hornsby - piano, keyboards, vocals
  • Mark Karan - guitar, vocals
  • Steve Kimock - guitar
  • Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
  • John Molo - drums
  • Bob Weir - guitar, vocals

Other Ones Crew:

  • Steve Parish, Ram Rod, Bob Bralove, Mike McGinn, Dennis Leonard, George Vaara
Remote audio recording:
  • Tom Flye - recordist, Le Mobile, Eric Johnson, Ted Barela, Charlie Bouis
Mixed at Club Front:
  • Tom Flye, Mickey Hart, Bob Weir, Bruce Hornsby
  • The Other Ones
Mastered at Paul's Gourmet Mastering:
  • Tom Flye, Jeffrey Norman, Paul Stubblebine
  • Album coordination - Cameron Sears
  • Artwork - Richard Biffle
  • Photography - Susana Millman
  • Package design - Amy Finkle
  • Tour producers - Cameron Sears, John Scher
  • Tour manager - Amy Clarke
  • Publicity - Dennis McNally
Production staff:
  • Production manager - Mo Morrison
  • Stage manager - Robbie Taylor
  • Security director - Ken Viola
  • Front of house audio - Alan Miller
  • Audio crew chief / monitors - Matt Haasch
  • Audio crew - Lonnie Quinn, Chris Charuki, Rich Maloney
  • Lighting designer - Candace Brightman
  • Lighting director - Kille Knobel
  • Lighting crew chief - Chris Lohden
  • Lighting crew - Vivian Slodki, Jeff Spencer, Jason Gangi
  • Hospitality - John Markward
  • Production assistant - John Merritt
  • Head rigger - Steve Rongo
  • Scenic carpenter - Brad Child
  • Assistant stage manager - Chris Slemmer
  • Security - Mike Bendick
  • Lead truck driver - Mike Fischer
Special thanks to:
  • Hot Tuna, Rusted Root, George Slejko, Jill Lesh, Q Prime, Kathy Hornsby, Caryl Hart, Howard Cohen, Brigitte Coutu, Grateful Dead productions, Peter McQuaid, Nance Mallonee, Cassidy Law, Alan Trist, GDTS TOO, Dr. Don Pearson, Ultrasound, John Lobel / Light and Sound Design, Patrick Bryan, A. J. Santella, George Bross, Debbie White, Jim McDonald, Sara Carpender, Mike Slarve / Four Seasons Coaches, TravelQuest, Tzell Travel, Cybertent : Tom Paddock, Sue Stallcup, Mark Chamblis, Tim Prince

The music on this double CD was recorded live during July 1998.

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