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Crystal Bay Live

David Nelson Band

Initial release : 2010?

Double CD release of the DNB show at Crystal Bay Casino, Crystal Bay, Nevada on June 27, 2009. The show was made freely available on and subsequently released on CD. Includes covers of the Grateful Dead songs Friend Of The Devil, Stella Blue and Box Of Rain. Also includes three other songs (Ghost Train Blues, John Hardy's Wedding and Long Gone Sam) with lyrics by Robert Hunter. Also includes the Peter Rowan songs Sweet Melinda and Free Mexican Airforce.


CD 1:

  • Long Gone Sam
  • Sweet Melinda
  • I've Been All Around This World
  • John Hardy's Wedding
  • Friend Of The Devil
  • Slidin' Delta
  • Free Mexican Airforce
  • Wicked Messenger
  • Encore: Rocky Road Blues
CD 2:
  • Willie & The Hand Jive
  • Snakebit
  • The Ballad Of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest
  • To Cut & Run
  • Stella Blue
  • Turkish Nut Roll
  • Ghost Train Blues
  • Box of Rain

  • David Nelson
  • Barry Sless
  • Mookie Siegel
  • Pete Sears
  • John Molo
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