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Sundown On The Forest


Initial release : April 1999

Phoenix Rising 2001

Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia play on tracks on this album.

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  • Hurt Enough (Barry Flast)
  • Sundown On The Forest (Barry Flast)
  • It Don't Take Much (Matthew Kelly / Marcus Strange)
  • Burning In My Heart (Barry Flast)
  • Ridin' High (Bill Cutler)
  • Padlock Cufflinks (James A Nelson III / Barry Flast)
  • Good-Bye, So Long (Marcus Strange / Matthew Kelly)
  • Every Little Light (Marcus Strange / Matthew Kelly)
  • Eyes Of The Night (Barry Flast)
  • It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (Bob Dylan)
  • My Baby Left Me (Arthur Crudup)
  • Tennessee Blues (Bobby Charles)
  • Starship Ride (Country Joe McDonald)
  • Jump For Joy (Carter/Gilbert)

  • Rick Anderson - bass
  • Fred Campbell - bass, guitar, vocals
  • Caitlen Cornwell - vocals
  • Jerry Cortez - lead guitar
  • Bill Cutler - vocals
  • Greg Douglas - slide guitar
  • Zoe Ellis - vocals
  • Barry Flast - piano, vocals
  • Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Robbie Hoddinott - lead guitar
  • Matthew Kelly - harmonica, rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Steve Kimock - rhythm guitar
  • Jenni Muldaur - vocals
  • James A. Nelson III - anvil, percussion
  • Eric Parker - drums
  • Ray Parnell - rhythm guitar
  • David Perper - drums
  • Jimmy Pew - hammond B-3 organ
  • Robert Powell - pedal steel guitar
  • Danny Rio - vocals
  • Ari Rios - vocal
  • Ana Rizzo - vocals
  • Jimmy Sanchez - drums
  • Mookie Seigal - piano, mammond B-3, synth flute & percussion
  • David Simon-Baker - acoustic guitar
  • Barry Sless - lead guitar, pedal steel
  • Bobby Vega - bass
  • Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Garcia plays on one track only, Ridin' High, with the following musicians;
  • Matthew Kelly - harmonica
  • Bill Cutler - vocals
  • Jerry Garcia - lead & rhythm guitar
  • Bob Weir - acoustic guitar
  • David Simon-Baker - acoustic guitar
  • Robert Powell - pedal steel guitar
  • Fred Campbell - bass
  • Mookie Siegal - piano
  • David Perper - drums
  • Ana Rizzo, Zoe Ellis, Caitlen Cornwell - background vocals

  • Producer - Matthew Kelly
  • Engineers - Ari Rios, David Simon-Baker, Daniel Daniels (Laughing Tiger Studio), Mark Renick (Prairie Sun Studios), Steven Hart, Michael Semanick, Eric Thompson (Fantasy Studios), Michael McGinn (Bob Weir's Padlock vocal).
  • Additional overdubs - Jim Mason (Boulder, CO) Steve Harris (Pro Audio Warehouse - Baltimore, MD)
  • Mixing, mastering - Ari Rios and David Simon-Baker at Laughing Tiger Studios
  • Executive Producer - Tad Flynn
  • Project Coordinator - Mark Perlson
  • Cover Artwork - Bruce Harman
  • Kingfish Logo Design - Sharon Carson
  • Design and Layout - Yalitza Ferreras
  • Photography - Robin Gascon (Mookie, Barry, Bob, Matthew w/harp); Linda Alhadeff (Jerry); Mary O. Webb Kelly (Matthew in India), Rich Saputo (Robbie & Matthew)
  • Recorded at - Laughing Tiger Studio, San Rafael, CA; Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA; Fantasy Studio, Berkeley, CA; The Record Plant, San Rafael, CA; Mesa Studios, Battleships Studios

The Phoenix Media Group, Inc., web pages for the album provide the following note about the track that involves Garcia;

Songwriter Bill Cutler, who has often collaborated with Matthew [Kelly] in the past, sings the newly recorded and arranged version of his song Ridin' High. He was present when Jerry Garcia recorded the guitar track on Ridin' High in 1973 and assisted Matthew in tastefully editing Garcia's guitar track and his own original vocal track into the newly recorded tracks for the song.
Every Little Light is dedicated it to the memory of Jerry Garcia.

Related releases

Garcia plays on Ridin' High, possibly the original track from which the edited version included here originates, on the Matthew Kelly album;

Sundown On The Forest was included on a sampler release;
  • Phoenix Sampler Volume 2, Various Artists, 1999