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That Which Colors The Mind

Ali Akbar Khan / Zakir Hussain / Indranil Bhattacharya

Initial release : 2020

Bear's Sonic Journals / Owsley Stanley Foundation

Live recording from the Owsley Stanley archive. Recorded live at the Family Dog On The Great Highway in San Francisco on May 29, 1970.


  • Zila Kafi: Alap / Gat In Rupak / Gat In Sitarkhani
  • Sindhu Bhairavi: Alap / Gat In Jhaptal / Gat In Ektal / Jhala / Sawal Jawab

  • Ali Akbar Khan - sarod
  • Zakir Hussain - table
  • Indranil Bhattacharya - sitar

  • Producer, recording engineer Owsley Stanley
  • Co-producer Peter Bell, Starfinder Stanley
  • Mastering, tape archivist Jeffrey Norman
  • Design Bob Minkin
  • Illustration Chris Gallen
  • Recorded at the Family Dog On The Great Highway on May 29, 1970
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