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Then and Now

The Tubes

Initial release : 2004


A compilation of previously released material from the very early stages of The Tubes career and from the reformed group in 2000.

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  • She's a Beauty (Foster / Lukather / Waybill)
  • Talk to Ya Later (Foster / Lukather / Tubes)
  • Don't Touch Me There (Doomacker)
  • Tip of My Tongue (Foster / Lukather / Tubes)
  • Digi-Doll (Cambra / Prince / Steen / Waybill)
  • Loveline (Foster / Lukather / Marx / Waybill)
  • White Punks on Dope (Evans / Spooner / Steen)
  • Brighter Day (Steen)
  • Mondo Bondage (Anderson / Cotten / Prince / Spooner / Steen / Waybill / Welnick)
  • Stand Up and Shout (Condello / Trainer)
  • Whiz Quiz (Spooner / Steen / Waybill / Welnick)
  • What Do You Want from Life? (Evans / Spooner)
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