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Times Like These

Rick Danko

Initial release : August 2000

Breeze Hill Records

Rick Danko's last studio album. Includes a cover of the Garcia / Hunter song Ripple.

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  • Times Like These (Danko)
  • Ripple (Hunter/Garcia)
  • All Our Past Times (Clapton/Danko)
  • Book Faded Brown (Jost)
  • Chain Gang (Cooke)
  • Change Is Good (Danko/Tullio/Kaecher)
  • This Wheel's On Fire (Dylan/Danko)
  • You Can Go Home (Pacheco/Danko)
  • Let The Four Winds Blow (Bartholomew/Domino)
  • People of Conscience (Pacheco)

  • Rick Danko - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals

  • Richard Bell - synthesizer, spirit
  • Gary Burke - drums
  • Chris "Hambone"Cameron - organ
  • Randy Ciarlante - drums, vocal
  • Terry Danko - bass
  • Mike DeMicco - guitar, mandolin
  • Mike Dunn - bass
  • Jim Eppard - mandolin, acoustic guitar, lap steel guitar, national steel guitar
  • Hank Guaglione - drums
  • Levon Helm - mandolin, harmonica
  • Garth Hudson - accordion, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, synthesizer
  • Maud Hudson - backing vocals
  • Prof. "Louie" Hurwitz - synthesizer, piano, accordion, organ, backing vocals
  • Bashiri Johnson - percussion
  • Dennis Johnson - bass
  • Tom Malone - tuba, trombone, baritone horn
  • Greg Marsh - percussion
  • Tom Pacheco - acoustic guitar
  • Larry Packer - viola
  • Scott Petito - bass
  • Leslie Ritter - backing vocals
  • Bill Rupert - guitar
  • Marie Spinosa - chimes, percussion, backing vocals
  • Jim Tullio - guitar, backing vocals
  • Sredni Vollner - harmonica
  • Joe Walsh - guitar, piano, backing vocals
  • Jim Weider - mandolin, dobro, acoustic guitar
  • Eric Weissberg - acoustic guitar, banjo
The musicians on Ripple are;
  • Rick Danko - vocals
  • Levon Helm - mandolin
  • Garth Hudson - accordion
  • Eric Weissberg - acoustic guitar, banjo
  • Mike Dunn - bass
  • Gary Burke - drums
  • "Louie" Hurwitz - piano, organ, backing vocals
  • Jim Eppard - lap steel guitar
  • Marie Spinosa - backing vocals

  • Producer - Rick Danko, Aaron L. Hurwitz
  • Producer (tracks 4, 9) - Rob Reinhart
  • Producer - (track 6) - Jim Tullio
  • Executive producer - Quentin Ryan
  • Recording engineers - Aaron L. Hurwitz, Dave Cook, Will Spencer, Chris Gooseman, Gus Mossler, Ken Friesen, Louis Arnold III
  • Second engineers - Danny Sheehan, Dennis Tousana, Lonnie Bonds, Damien Shannon
  • Mixing - Aaron L. Hurwitz, Dave Cook
  • Mastering - Bob Ludwig
  • Digital transfers (Chicago) - Bob Tjarks, John Larson
  • Pro Tools engineer - Scott Petito
  • CompugraFix - Owen and Lucy Swenson, Karin Haaland
  • Design, art direction - Marie Spinosa
  • Collage drawing - Eliane
  • Cover photograph - Mark Brett (from Rick Danko archives)

  • Recorded at NRS Recording Studios, Hurley, NY; Levon Helm Studios, Woodstock; Acoustic Café, Ann Arbor; CRC, Chicago; The Lab, Brooklyn; The Bath House, Bath, Ontario
  • Mixed at Bearsville Studios
  • Mastered at Gateway mastering, Portland, Maine

Eight of the tracks on this album were recorded during 1998 and 1999. Danko was working on the album when he died in December 1999.

There are also two live songs, Let The Four Winds Blow and Book Faded Brown, which are from Danko's last radio interview and performance on December 6, 1999 in Michigan.

The CD notes includes the following;

Rick had always said he would never put his name on an album unless he was proud of it. The reason being he had to live with it. Well, this is no exception. I know he can hear it and I know he is very proud to have his name on it. I also want to thank everyone for their generosity, good thoughts and prayers. You are all what true fans and friends are about.

Elizabeth Danko

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