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Ultraviolet Licorice

Henry Kaiser & Bob Bralove

Initial release : 2009

Kaiser and Bralove playing live in the studio over backing tapes made by Bralove for the Grateful Dead in the 1990's.


  • Concrete Nebula
  • Zero Gravity Onion
  • Red Queen
  • Heavenly Plaster
  • Spectral Refractions
  • Free Fall
  • March of the Wind Potatoes
  • Brand Promenade
  • Conversational Algorythms
  • Fast Crystals
  • Eves in the Pantry
  • Silence is So Accurate
  • Fancy Free and Violently Opposed
  • Cyber Stalking Tango

  • Henry Kaiser - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Bob Bralove - piano, synthesizer
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