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Neville Brothers

Initial release : April 1987

EMI America ST 17249

Jerry Garcia plays on one track of this release.


  • Whatever It Takes (Scott / Roman)
  • Forever...For Tonight (Cohen / Lerios)
  • You're the One (Johnson / Neville)
  • Money Back Guarantee (My Love Is Guaranteed) (Will Jennings / Jimmy Buffett / Michael Utley)
  • Drift Away (M. Williams)
  • Shek-A-Na-Na (D. White)
  • Old Habits Die Hard (Terry Britten / Graham Lyle)
  • I Never Needed No One (Johnson / Neville / Stolz)
  • Midnight Key (Will Jennings / Jimmy Buffett / Michael Utley)
  • Spirits of the World (R. Zito / J. Esposito)

The Band;

  • Aaron Neville - vocals
  • Art Neville - keyboards, vocals
  • Charles Neville - saxophone
  • Cyril Neville - percussion, vocals
  • William Green - drums
  • Darryl Johnson - synthesizer, bass, vocals
  • Brian Stoltz - guitar, piano
Guest musicians;
  • Clem Clemson - electric sitar (Old Habits Die Hard)
  • Jerry Garcia - guitar (You're the One)
  • Luis Jardin - percussion (Shek-A-Na-Na)
  • Eric Kolb - keyboard programming
  • Branford Marsalis - saxophone (Drift Away, Midnight Key, I Never Needed No One and Spirits of the World)
  • Ronnie Montrose - guitar (Whatever It Takes)
  • Steve Nieve - keyboards (Old Habits Die Hard)
  • Keith Richards - guitar (Midnight Key)
  • Carlos Santana - guitar (Forever...For Tonight)
  • Alan Scott - rhythm tracks (Whatever It Takes)
  • Richie Zito - guitar (Spirits of the World)

  • Producers - Clive Langer, Alan Winstanley, Richie Zito, Jim Gaines
  • Executive producer - Jim Gaines
  • Engineer - Jim Gaines
  • Assistant engineer - Stephen Hart, David Farrell
  • Additional engineering - Stephen Hart
  • Mixing - Jim Gaines, Stephen Hart, Dr. Richie Moore, Richie Zito, Phil Caffel, Clive Langer, Alan Wistanley
  • Keyboard arrangements - Cory Lerios
  • Original arrangement of Shek-A-Na-Na and I Never Needed No One by Winnie Nuyens
  • Recorded at Southlake Recording Studios, Metairie, LA
  • Mixed at Oasis Recording Studios, No Hollywood, The Plant Recording Studios, Sausalito and Westside Studios, London
  • Pre-production at Pace Sound and Recording, New Orleans and The Castle Studios, Nashville
  • Legal affairs - Craig Hayes
  • The Neville Brothers dedicate this album to the memory of; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L Neville, George "Big Chief Jolly" Landry, Roy "Professor Longhair" Byrd, James Carroll Booker III, Lee Dorsey, Satchmo, Gerald "Professor Shorthair" Tillman. St Jude, and is created with love from the Entire Neville Clan.

  • This music is dedicated to sufferers around the world, and most of all to Jah the most high, the source of all our inspiration. May his love heal the world soon. - One heart, The Neville Brothers

This was Garcia's first 'guest appearance' on another artists record for many years.

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