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Watkins Glen

King's Road

Initial release : 1973

Pickwick International SPC3355

Studio musicians attempting to recreate the Watkins Glen festival. Includes three Grateful Dead songs "as played by the Dead."


  • Truckin' (Garcia / Hunter / Lesh / Weir)
  • Uncle John's Band (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Casey Jones (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Up On Cripple Creek
  • Stage Fright
  • The Weight (Robertson)
  • Statesboro Blues (McTell)
  • You Don't Love Me (Cobbs)
  • Whipping Post (Allman)

King's Road were a group of studio musicians. Further information will be added when available.

The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers Band and The Band do not play on this LP>


Details will be added when available.


This LP includes three tracks played as though by the Dead, three from the Allman Brothers Band repertoire and three from The Band repertoire. The intention being to 'recreate' the atmosphere of the festival and produce a album that would sell as many copies as the Woodstock album.

The real Watkins Glen festival was held at the Gran Prix Racecourse, Watkins Glen, NY on July 28, 1973. The single day festival featured the Grateful Dead, The Band and the Allman Brothers Band.

There was a lengthy soundcheck on the day before the festival with a large crown in attendance.

Tapes of the Dead's performances from both days circulate on tape.

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King's Road recorded at least one other LP, an album of covers of hit singles;

  • Million or More in 74, King's Road, 1974, Pickwick 3513
The Dead's jam from the Watkin's Glen soundcheck is included on;
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