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The Way It Is/Scenes from the Southside

Bruce Hornsby & The Range

Initial release : 2007


Two-in-one release for the first two Bruce Hornsby & The Range albums.


  • On the Western Skyline (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • Every Little Kiss (Hornsby)
  • Mandolin Rain (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • The Long Race (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • The Way It Is (Hornsby)
  • Down the Road Tonight (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • The Wild Frontier (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • The River Runs Low (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • The Red Plains (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • Look Out Any Window (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • The Valley Road (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • I Will Walk With You (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • The Road Not Taken (Hornsby)
  • The Show Goes On (Hornsby)
  • The Old Playground (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • Defenders Of The Flag (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • Jacob's Ladder (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • Till The Dreaming's Done (Hornsby)
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