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Where Roads Divide


Initial release : 2003

Pinecastle 1127

This release includes a cover of the John Dawson song I Don't Know You.

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  • Somewhere Down the Road (Dodd/Douglas/Pfrimmer)
  • Love Will Make You Blind (Hale)
  • My Last Name (Rust/Urban)
  • I Don't Know How to Fix It (Anderson/Wariner)
  • The Lord Knows I'm Drinking (Anderson) - 2:51
  • Living Like There's No Tomorrow (McBride/Murray)
  • All Because of Me (Curry/Webb)
  • If You Don't Believe in Miracles (Hale)
  • I'm Afraid My Darlin's Gone (Monroe/Reno)
  • Help These Eyes to See (Gulley/Hale)
  • The Last Song (Martin/White)
  • I Don't Know You (Dawson)

  • Robert Hale - guitar, vocals
  • Curt Chapman - bass
  • Phil Leadbetter - guitar, vocals
  • Barry Crabtree - banjo
  • Darrell Webb - mandolin, vocals