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Whose World Is This

Jim Page

Initial release : 1997 (reissue 2000)

Liquid City Records 32591

There are two Grateful Dead references on this release. The track Sound Of A Guitar is a tribute to Jerry Garcia. The song Down To Eugene contains a reference to the Grateful Dead.

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  • Whose World Is This (Page)
  • Take Our Cultu (Page)
  • Rightous (Page)
  • Stranger in Me (Page)
  • Shiny Bright Silver Dollar (Page)
  • Down to Eugene (Page)
  • Sound of a Guitar (Page)
  • Ice Skating on the Fremont Bridge (Page)
  • Right to Be Wrong (Page)
  • Only Talkin' on the Radio (Page)
  • Puritan Seeds (Page)
  • Tina (Page/Trudell)
  • Now That I'm Missing You More (Page)
  • Beatiful Tear (Page)

Musicians include;

  • Jim Page - guitar, vocals
  • Henry Castro - accordion
  • Erin Corday - recorder, vocals
  • Grant Dermody - harmonica
  • Will Dowd - percussion
  • Dale Fanning - drums
  • Orville Johnson - guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin, vocals, temple bells
  • David Lange - organ
  • Arne Livingston - bass

  • Producer - Orville Johnson
  • Engineer - David Lange