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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Initial release : 2021

Royal Potato Family

This album includes a cover of the Grateful Dead song Crazy Fingers. The album was released digitally and on vinyl.


Vinyl track list

LP 1: Side A:

  • Dove's Army Of Love (Mathis)
  • Song Of The Vipers (Armstrong)
  • A-bird (Haas)
LP 1: Side B:
  • Oklahoma Stomp (Ellington)
  • Goodnight Ollie (Haas)
  • Old Love, New Love (Haas)
  • Crazy Fingers (Garcia / Hunter)
LP 2: Side C:
  • The Slip (Mathis)
  • Twinstar (Mathis)
  • Earl Hines (Mathis)
LP 2: Side D:
  • Bumper Crop Of Strange (Mathis)
  • Walking Before Daylight (Layton)
  • Vernal Equinox (Mathis)

  • Brian Haas - keyboards
  • Reed Mathis - bass
  • Josh Raymer - drums, percussion
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