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Yo Miles!

Henry Kaiser and Wadada Leo Smith

Initial release : 1998

Shanachie 5046

Bob Bralove plays on this double CD release.

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  • Big Fun/Hollywuud (Davis)
  • Agharta Prelude (Davis)
  • Miles Dewey Davis III Great Ancestor (Smith)
  • Black Satin (Davis)
  • Ife (Davis)
  • Maiysha (Davis)
  • Calypso Frelimo (Davis)
  • Moja (Davis)
  • Themes from Jack Johnson (Yesternow/Right Off/Interlude/Tune in 5/Willie Nelson/Right Off/Spanish Key/Right Off) (Davis)
  • Wili (For Dave) (Davis)

The Yo Miles! Band;

  • Nels Cline - guitar
  • Wally Ingram - drums, percussion
  • Henry Kaiser - guitar
  • Lukas Ligeti - drums, percussion
  • Michael Manring - bass
  • Chris Muir - guitar, electronics
  • Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet
Special guests;
  • Paul Plimley - piano, organ (on most tracks)
  • Bruce Ackley - saxophone (on Ife and Agharta)
  • Steve Adams - saxophone (on Agharta, Right Off and Wili)
  • Bob Bralove - keyboards (on Maiysha)
  • George Brooks - saxophone (on Calypso Frelimo, Maiysha and Black Satin)
  • Greg Goodman - piano (on part one of Great Ancestor)
  • John Medeski - organ (on Black Satin)
  • Larry Ochs - saxophone (on Agharta, Willie Nelson and Moja)
  • Jon Raskin - saxophone (on Agharta and Spanish Key)
  • Freddie Roulette - steel guitar (on Maiysha)
  • Elliot Sharp - guitar, steel guitar (on Black Satin)
  • Oluyemi Thomas - bass clarinet (on Yesterday and Right Off)

  • Producer - Henry Kaiser, Chris Muir
  • Recording engineer - Michael Cogan
  • Recording assistant - Jeremy Goody
  • Overdub and mixing engineer - Henry Kaiser, Chris Muir
  • Additional engineer - Eliot Sharp
  • Digital Editing - David Gans at Truth & Fun Inc.
  • Mastering - Paul Stubblebine
  • Artwork - Gary Panter
  • Artists photography - Karen Miller
  • Design - Joan Pelosi

  • Thanks to: Enrico Merlin, Harumi Makino Smith, Mark Rappaport, Marion Leyburn, Jane Tatum, David Lindley, Bill Stevens, Mark Lopez, Peter Losin, Bill Laswell, Bob Belden, Oliver DiCicco, Ben Levin, Danny Weiss, Richard Nevins, Randall Grass, Al Evers, Derk Richardson, Steven Bernstein, Real Guitars, T.C. Electronic, Eventide, Andrew Voight, Blake Leyh, Denny Jaeger, Warren Weinberg, Richard Gehr, Matt Groening, Tewodros Abate and Addis Ethiopian Restaraunt

  • Recorded at Bay Records in Berkeley, California, on 5 to 8 January, 1998
  • Mastered at Paul's Gourmet Mastering