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David Gans

Initial release : 2015

Perfectible Recordings

An album David Gans compositions including one song, Shut Up And Liste, with lyrics by Robert Hunter.


  • Blue Roses
  • Desert Of Love
  • Plum Wine/Plum Jam
  • Therapy Blues
  • These Apartments
  • Shut Up And Listen
  • Honeydew
  • Ran Into God

  • David Gans - guitars, vocals
  • Mark Karan - guitar (on Therapy Blues, Shut Up and Listen, and Honeydew)
  • Jacob Groopman - mandolin (on Desert of Love and Ran Into God)
  • Leif Karlstrom - fiddle (on Desert of Love and Ran Into God)
  • Mookie Siegel - keyboards (on Therapy Blues and Honeydew)
  • Joshua Raoul Brody - keyboards (on Shut Up and Listen)
  • Roger Sideman - bass (on Desert of Love and Ran into God)
  • Robin Sylvester - bass (on Therapy Blues and Honeydew)
  • Michael DiPirro - bass (on Shut Up and Listen)
  • Peter Lavezzoli - drums (on Therapy Blues and Honeydew)
  • James Foster - drums (on Shut Up and Listen)
  • Jim Helman - percussion (on Blue Roses)
  • Lemon Juju (Cynsa Bonorris and Alyn Kelley) - vocals (on Blue Roses)
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