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You Are What You Is

Frank Zappa

Initial release : September 1981


This release includes the song Teenage Wind which refers to the Grateful Dead.

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  • Teenage Wind
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  • You Are What You Is
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  • Dumb All Over
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  • If Only She Woulda
  • Drafted Again

  • Frank Zappa - lead guitar, vocals
  • Arthur Barrow - bass
  • Jimmy Carl Black - vocals
  • Bob Harris - boy soprano, trumpet
  • David Logeman - drums
  • Tommy Mars - keyboards
  • Ed Mann - percussion
  • David Ocker - clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Motorhead Sherwood - tenor saxophone, vocals
  • Craig Steward - harmonica
  • Steve Vai - guitar
  • Denny Walley - slide guitar, vocals
  • Ike Willis - rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Ray White - rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Ahmet Zappa - vocals
  • Moon Zappa - vocals

  • Producer - Frank Zappa
  • Engineers - Mark Pinske, Alan Sides
  • Re-mix engineer - Bob Stone
  • Cover photo - John Livzey
  • Graphics - John Vince

The opening lyrics of the song are as follows;

It's a miserable Friday night
I'm so lonely
And nobody'll give me a ride
To the Grateful Dead concert...Oh rats!

I got to be free
Free as the wind
Free is the way
I got to be

A section later in the song includes;
If I was at the concert now, I'd be ripped!
We were free when we were born
I could tighten my headband for an extra rush
During Jerry's guitar solo
Then I could go to a midnite show of 200 Motels!
We were born free, but, now we are not free anymore!