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Zero Blues (CD)


Initial release : 2002


A CD release of music written for the LA staging of the play, The PawnBroker, in 1991.

album cover

  • Chainlink Dawn (Greg Anton/Martin Fierro/Steve Kimock)
  • 3 Balls Blues (Greg Anton)
  • In a Different Light (Greg Anton/Martin Fierro/Steve Kimock/Liam Hanrahan)
  • The Wilderness of Time (Steve Kimock)
  • Pale Through Shut Lids (Greg Anton/Martin Fierro/Steve Kimock/Liam Hanrahan)
  • Out of Earshot (Greg Anton)
  • Tied to the Trestle (Greg Anton/Martin Fierro/Steve Kimock/Liam Hanrahan)
  • Meaning of a Man (Greg Anton/Martin Fierro/Steve Kimock/Liam Hanrahan)
  • Rivers of the Moon (Greg Anton)

  • Steve Kimock - guitar
  • Greg Anton - drums, piano, organ
  • Martin Fierro - tenor saxophone, flute
Additional musicians;
  • Terry Haggerty - guitar
  • Liam Hanrahan - bass
  • Delilah Lewis - violin
  • Doug Harmon - cello
  • Isabel Tercero - voice

  • Producer - Greg Anton
  • Sound engineer - Dave Hunter, Brian Risner
  • Digital editing, mastering - Peter Harenberg
  • Project coordinator - Mike Somavilla
  • Song titles - Robert Hunter
  • Cover art - Maureen Hunter
  • Layout, design - Illa Schutte
  • Special thanks - Gregory Friedkin, Lillian Friedkin, Mike Somavilla, Robert Hunter, Alan Trist, Dave Cort and Marty Levine
  • Recorded at the The Barn, Marin County, California 1991
Related releases

A cassette titled Zero Blues was released in 1991. This supposedly includes music written for a stage play. It is uncertain if any of the music on this tape is the same as the music on the 2002 CD.