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Ships with Tattooed Sails

Jewels and Binoculars

Initial release : 2007

Upshot Records

Instrumental covers of Bob Dylan songs.


  • If You See Her Say Hello
  • Blind Willie McTell
  • Father Of Night
  • I Believe In You
  • Cold Irons Bound
  • It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding
  • Spirit on the Water
  • Jack-a-Roe
  • Gates Of Eden
  • Seņor (Tales of Yankee Power)
  • One More Cup Of Coffee
  • It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

  • Michael Moore - clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, melodica
  • Lindsey Horner - bass
  • Michael Vatcher - drums, percussion
  • Bill Frisell - guitar (on some tracks)
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