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26 Bluegrass Instrumentals

Country Cooking

Initial release : 199?

Rounder 11551

This instrumental bluegrass album includes a cover of David Grisman's Cedar Hill.

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  • Big Ben (Birchfield)
  • Shot from Guns (Stuart)
  • Cedar Hill (Grisman)
  • Armadillo Breakdown (Wernick)
  • Trouble Among the Yearlings (Public Domain)
  • Powwow the Indian Boy (Applebaum/Wernick)
  • The Old, Old House (Bynum/Jones)
  • Pacific Slope (Public Domain)
  • Orange MT. Special (Miller/Wenick)
  • Farewell Blues (Mares/Rappolo/Schoebel)
  • Jaybird/Fiddler a Dram (Public Domain)
  • Theme Time (Emerson/Martin)
  • Huckling the Berries (Wernick)
  • U.S. 40 (Kosek)
  • Parson's Duck (Trischka)
  • Six Mile Creek (Barenberg)
  • Tequila Mockingbird (Wernick)
  • Morning Glory (Barenberg)
  • Wagons Ho! (Miller)
  • Barrel of Fun (Wernick)
  • Plumber's Nightmare (Statman)
  • Kentucky Bullfight (Trischka)
  • Silver Bell (Traditional)
  • Babka Breakdown (Wernick)
  • Celebration Reel (Trischka)
  • Western Mind (Trischka/Wernick)

  • Russ Barenber - guitar, mandolin
  • Kenny Kose - fiddle
  • Lou Marti - guitar, mandolin
  • John Miller - fiddle, bass
  • Andy Statman - mandolin, saxophone
  • Tony Trischka - banjo
  • Peter Wernick - banjo
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