American Folk Songs for Christmas

Mike, Peggy and Penny Seeger and members of their families

Initial release : 1989


Recordings of songs that were collected in a book of the same name by Ruth Crawford Seeger, the mother of Mike, Penny and Peggy Seeger.


  • Stars in the Heaven (Traditional)
  • Oh, Watch the Stars (Traditional)
  • Great Big Stars (Traditional)
  • Shine Like a Star in the Morning (Traditional)
  • Bright Morning Stars Are Rising (Traditional)
  • Rise up, Shepherd, and Follow (Traditional)
  • Shepherd, Shepherd (Traditional)
  • Don't You Hear the Lambs A-Crying (Traditional)
  • Found My Lost Sheep (Traditional)
  • Look Away to Bethlehem (Traditional)
  • How Many Miles to Bethlehem? (Traditional)
  • Jehovah Hellelujah (Traditional)
  • Joseph and Mary (Traditional)
  • A Virgin Most Pure (Traditional)
  • Baby Born Today (Traditional)
  • Got Tell It on the Mountain (Traditional)
  • Shepherds Rejoice (Traditional)
  • The New Born Baby (Traditional)
  • Oh, Mary and the Baby, Lamb (Traditional)
  • Star in the East (Traditional)
  • Baby of Bethlehem (Traditional)
  • Child of God (Traditional)
  • Cradle Hymn (Traditional)
  • Ain't That a Rocking All Night (Traditional)
  • Sing a Lamb (Traditional)
  • Mary, What You Going to Name That Pretty Little Baby? (Traditional)
  • Sing Hallelu (Traditional)
  • Mary Had a Baby (Traditional)
  • Jesus Borned in Bethlea (Traditional)
  • Wasn't That a Might Day (Traditional)
  • January, February the Last Month of the Year (Traditional)
  • Poor Little Jesus (Traditional)
  • Heard from Heaven Today (Traditional)
  • 'Twas a Wonder in Heaven (Traditional)
  • Mariner's Hymn (Traditional)
  • O May, Where Is Your Baby? (Traditional)
  • Yonder Comes Sister Mary (Traditional)
  • The Blessings of Mary (Traditional)
  • Awake (Traditional)
  • Exultation (Traditional)
  • Children of the Heavenly King (Traditional)
  • Singing in the Land (Traditional)
  • Rejoice My Friends (Traditional)
  • The Twelve Apostles (Traditional)
  • Holy Babe (Traditional)
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas (Traditional)
  • The Angel Band (Traditional)
  • Almost Day (Traditional)
  • Heaven Bell Ring (Traditional)
  • A Mince Pie or a Pudding (Traditional)
  • Christmas Day in the Morning (Traditional)
  • Turkey Run Away (Traditional)
  • Breaking up Christmas (Traditional)

  • Mike Seeger - banjo, fiddle, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, autoharp, shaker, jaw harp, vocals
  • Peggy Seeger - banjo, guitar, piano, concertina, vocals
  • Penny Seeger - dulcimer, guitar, mandolin, bells, vocals
  • Sonya Cohen - guitar, vocals
  • Calum MacColl - guitar, vocals
  • Kim Seeger - dulcimer, spoons, vocals
  • Ewan MacColl - vocals
  • Kirsty MacColl - vocals
  • Kitty MacColl - vocals
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