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As Good as It Gets

Buddy Guy

Initial release : 1998


A compilation of material from LPs released on the Vanguard label in the late 1960's and early 1970's plus some previously unreleased tracks. Includes 4 tracks that were recorded live at the New Orleans House in Berkeley in 1968.


  • Poison Ivy (London) *
  • One Room Country Shack (Walton)
  • The Things I Used to Do (Guitar Slim)
  • Fever (Cooley / Davenport)
  • 24 Hours of the Day (Public Domain)
  • You Were Wrong (Guy)
  • Sweet Little Angel (King)
  • You Got a Hole in Your Soul (South) *
  • Slow Blues *
  • The Dream *
  • I'm Ready (Dixon)
  • My Time After Awhile (Badger / Feinberg / Geddins)
  • Come See About Me (Guy / Guy)
  • Stormy Monday Blues (Walker)
* previously unreleased

Related releases

The Things I Used to Do, Fever, 24 Hours of the Day and You Were Wrong were recorded live at New Orleans House in 1968 and were previously released on;

Slow Blues was also recorded at New Orleans House and is previously unreleased.

One Room Country Shack and Sweet Little Angel were originally released on;

  • A Man And The Blues, Buddy Guy, 1968
Poison Ivy, You Got A Hole In Your Soul and The Dream are previously unreleased tracks from the recording sessions for A Man And The Blues.

I'm Ready, My Time After Awhile and Come See About Me were originally released on;

  • Hold That Plane!, Buddy Guy, 1972
Stormy Monday Blues was originally released on;
  • It's My Life, Baby!, Junior Wells, 1965
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