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Balinese Dancer

Chuck Prophet

Initial release : 1993


David Grisman plays on this release.


  • Baton Rouge (Prophet)
  • 110 in the Shade (Prophet/Salley)
  • Savannah (Cootes/Klipschutz/Prophet)
  • Balinese Dancer (Hopkins/Prophet)
  • Starcrossed Misbegotten Love (Klipschutz/Prophet)
  • One Last Dance (Prophet)
  • Who Am I Foolin' (Klipschutz/Prophet)
  • Heart Breaks Like the Dawn (Klipschutz/Prophet)
  • Angel (Prophet)
  • Somewhere Down the Road (Prophet)

  • Chuck Prophet - guitar, dobro, mellotron, bass, vocals
  • Greg Leisz - guitar, pedal steel, mandolin
  • Carlos Guitarlos - guitar
  • Tom Rosem - mandolin
  • David Grisman - mandolin (on Angel)
  • Stephanie Finch - keyboards, accordion, vocals
  • Austin DeLone - synthesizer, elecir piano
  • Al Kooper - organ
  • Richard Benoit - clavinet
  • Phil Parlapiano - accordion
  • Roly Salley - bass, vocals
  • Kenneth Blevins - drums
  • David Kemper - drums
  • Jorge Bermudez - percussion
  • Don Heffington- percussion
  • Donald Linley - drums, percussion
Related releases

Longshot Lullaby, How Many Angels and Madam Rosa's were released on a CD single.

Eight Of the ten tracks were subsequently released on a two-on-one CD;

One Last Dance and Angel, the track featuring Grisman, were omitted from this CD reissue.

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