Best of the Sugar Hill Years

Jerry Douglas

Initial release : 2007

Sugar Hill

Includes one track from an album by Jerry Douglas and Peter Rowan.


  • The Wild Rumpus (Douglas)
  • Takaraska (Douglas)
  • Senia's Lament (Douglas)
  • We Hide and Seek (Douglas)
  • Lullaby of the Leaves (Petkere / Young)
  • A New Day Medley (Douglas)
  • Cave Bop (Douglas)
  • Hey Joe (Roberts)
  • Birdland (Zawinul)
  • Monkey Let the Hogs Out (Douglas)
  • Ride the Wild Turkey (Anger)
  • A Tribute to Peador O'Donnell (Lunny)
  • Things in Life (Stover)
  • Like It Is (Garner)
  • In the Sweet By and By (Traditional)
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Lullaby of the Leaves was originally released on;

  • Yonder, Peter Rowan and Jerry Douglas, 1996
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