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The Bonnie Raitt Collection

Bonnie Raitt

Initial release : 1990

Warner Brothers 26242

David Grisman plays on one track of this compilation of music from Bonnie Raitt's Warner Brothers releases. One track, Woman Be Wise, was recorded live at the Great American Music Hall.

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  • Finest Lovin' Man (Raitt)
  • Give It up Or Let Me Go (Raitt)
  • Women Be Wise (Beach/Wallace)
  • Under the Falling Sky (Browne)
  • Love Me Like a Man (Raitt/Smither)
  • Love Has No Pride (Kaz/Titus)
  • I Feel the Same (Smither)
  • Guilty (Newman)
  • Angel from Montgomery (Prine)
  • What Is Success (Toussaint)
  • My First Night Alone Without You (Vassy)
  • Sugar Mama (McClinton/Clark)
  • Louise (Siebel)
  • About to Make Me Leave Home (Randall)
  • Runaway (Crook/Shannon)
  • Glow (Hildebrand)
  • (Goin') Wild for You Baby (Batteau/Snow)
  • Willya Wontcha (Schell)
  • True Love Is Hard to Find (Hibbert)
  • No Way to Treat a Lady (Adams/Vallance)

David Grisman plays on Louise. The musicians on that tracks are;

  • Bonnie Raitt - acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Freebo - bass, guitar
  • Fred Tackett - acoustic guitar
  • David Grisman - mandocello

For the compilation;

  • Remastering, editing - Lee Herschenberg
  • Editorial - Kristie McCorkle, Victoria Moorhouse, Kathe Duba-Noland
  • Photography - Darryl Estrine
  • Design - Kim Champagne
  • Liner notes - Bonnie Raitt, Jim Maloney
For the original recording of Louise;
  • Producer - Paul A. Rothchild
  • Engineer - John Haeny, Roger Mayer
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Louise was originally released on;

The other tracks are from the following sources;
  • Finest Lovin' Man - Bonnie Raitt, Bonnie Raitt, 1971
  • Give It up Or Let Me Go, Under the Falling Sky, Love Me Like a Man and Love Has No Pride - Give It Up, Bonnie Raitt, 1972
  • I Feel the Same and Guilty - Takin' My Time, Bonnie Raitt, 1973
  • What Is Success - Streetlights, Bonnie Raitt, 1974
  • My First Night Alone Without You and Sugar Mama from Home Plate, Bonnie Raitt, 1975
  • About to Make Me Leave Home and Runaway - Sweet Forgiveness, Bonnie Raitt, 1977
  • Glow and (Goin') Wild for You Baby - The Glow, Bonnie Raitt, 1979
  • Willya Wontcha - Green Light, Bonnie Raitt, 1982
  • Angel from Montgomery - Tribute To Steve Goodman, Various Artists, 1985?
  • True Love Is Hard to Find and No Way to Treat a Lady - Nine Lives, Bonnie Raitt, 1986?
Women Be Wise is previously unreleased. It is taken from a KSAN live broadcast from the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, May 26, 1976.