The Book Of The Dawg: Dawg Grass

An Audio Companion Piece

David Grisman

Initial release : 2021

Acoustic Disc

This recording is a companion piece to the book Dawg Grass, the second volume in David Grisman's Book Of The Dawg series. The purpose of the music is to assist the student in learning the 20 pieces that are in the book. For each piece there are four audio tracks: a "listen" track and three "practice" tracks at three different tempos.


  • Cedar Hill
  • Fanny Hill
  • Opus 57
  • Opus 38
  • Dawg Grass (Opus 12)
  • "No You Stand Back!" (Opus 46)
  • Sugar Hill Ramble
  • Dawggy Mt. Breakdown
  • Dawg's Bull
  • Bow Wow
  • Albuquerque Turkey
  • 14 Miles to Barstow
  • Happy Birthday Bill Monroe
  • Telluride
  • Pupville
  • Pigeon Roost
  • Twin Town
  • Hartford's Real
  • Dan'l Boone
  • Horn Pipe Dream

  • David Grisman - mandolin

  • Produced by David Grisman
  • Cover design, layout - Dave "FM" Moretti
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This audio companion is designed to be used with the book:

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