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The Brand New Z.Z. Hill / Friend

Z.Z. Hill / Freddie North

Initial release : 2002


A 2-on-1 CD release that combines a Z.Z. Hill LP with a Freddie North LP.


  • Act I:
    Scene I: It Ain't No Use (Bonds / Hollinger / Williams)
    Scene II: Iha Ha (Laughing Song) (Bonds / Williams)
  • Act II:
    Scene I: Second Chance (Bonds / Hollinger / Williams)
    Scene II: Our Love Is Getting Better (Bonds / Whitehead / Williams)
  • Act III:
    Finale: Faithful and True (Greene / Greene)
  • Choking Kind (Howard)
  • Hold Back (One Man at a Time) (Burns / Monda)
  • A Man Needsa Woman (A Woman Needs a Man) (Bonds / Williams)
  • Early in the Morning (Darin / Harris)
  • I Think I'd Do It (Dees)
  • (Don't Take Her) She's All I Got (Bonds / Williams)
  • Raining on a Sunny Day (Daniels / Williams)
  • Sweeter Than Sweetness (Whitehead / Williams)
  • Sidewalks, Fences and Walls (Williams)
  • I Did the Woman Wrong (Whitehead / Williams)
  • Yours Love (Howard)
  • Laid Back and Easy (Williams)
  • You and Me Together Forever (Roach)
  • Ain't Nothing in the News (But the Blues) (Williams)
  • Did I Come Back Too Soon (Or Stay Way Too Long) (Bonds / Whitehead / Williams)
  • My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) (Bristol / Fuqua / Roach / Sawyer)
  • Cuss the Wind (Williams) Related releases

    This music was originally released on 2 LPs:

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