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Joe Craven

Initial release : 1996

Acorn 11

David Grisman plays on this album.

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  • Soldiers of Joy (Public Domain)
  • Uke Pick Waltz (Public Domain)
  • Camptown (Public Domain)
  • Rites of Man (Public Domain)
  • Hot Turkey (Public Domain)
  • Shake in the Barley (Public Domain)
  • Star of the Country Down (Public Domain)
  • Liberte (Public Domain)
  • New Iberians (Public Domain)
  • Combole (Public Domain)
  • Fez of Abu (Public Domain)
  • Old Joe's Delhi (Public Domain)
  • Kitchen Girl (Public Domain)
  • Bonaparte (Public Domain)

  • Joe Craven - mandolin, violin, banjolin, ukelele, drums, shaker, cowbell, cuatro, talking drum and other percussion
  • Gideon Bhendile - vocals
  • Danny Bittker - steel drum
  • Jim Boggio - accordion
  • Maureen Brennan - celtic harp
  • Doug Chancellor - synthesizer, whistler
  • Matt Eakle - flute, piccolo
  • Peter Elman - organ, guitar, keyboards
  • Tony Elman - hammered dulcimer
  • Billy Fairfield - accordion
  • Piper Heizig - tamboura
  • Derek Jones - bass
  • Stephen Kent - didjeridu
  • Ron Van Leeuwarde - guitar, vocals
  • David Matthews - piano
  • Tom Miller - steel drum
  • Rick Montgomery - guitar
  • Shirley Muramoto - koto
  • Nick Phelps - oboe
  • Todd Phillips - bass
  • Jim Rothermel - clarinet
  • Matome Somo - vocals
  • Spear - vocals

  • Producer - Joe Craven, Peter Elman
  • Engineer - Doug Chancellor
  • Mastering - Paul Stubblebine, Michael Romanowski
  • Liner Notes - Joe Craven, David Grisman, Tony Elman
  • Art Direction - Joe Craven
  • Artwork, Design, Photography - D. Brent Hauseman
  • Recorded at the Soundfarm, Vacaville, California, October-December, 1995
  • Mastered at the Rocket Lab, San Francisco, California
  • Thanks to You for your support of independent musicians by buying our albums and attending our performances.
  • Special thanks to Janet Mercurio, Doug Chancellor, Sean Feder, Wendell Fishman, Rick Montgomery, Dan DeWayne, Piper Heizig, Richard Burleigh, Mike Marshall, Darol Anger and the spirit of Psychograss, and to Jerry Garcia for the happiness his music brought to so many people.
  • My deepest gratitude to Tony Elman for the opportunity to make this recording, Peter Elman who brought a tremendous amount of time, energy and skill to the production of this project. Cheers to everyone at Acorn Music. To my Dad who bought me my first guitar, my Mother whose singing filled the house, and my Sister and her wonderful songs . . . love to you all.
  • Special musical appreciation to David Grisman - mentor, employer and friend. Thank you, Dawg, for the inspiration and opportunities through the years.
  • This album is dedicated with love to my son Cody Craven