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Cold Hard Facts

The Del McCoury Band

Initial release : 1996

Rounder 0363

David Grisman contributes to the liner notes for this CD.

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  • The Cold Hard Facts (White/McCoury)
  • Blue Darlin'9 (Newman)
  • Smoking Gun (Bromberg/Cray/Cousins)
  • Love is a Long Road (Petty/Campbell)
  • Henry Walker (O'Reilly)
  • Baltimore Johnny (McCoury)
  • Blackjack County Chains (Lane)
  • Hard on My Heart (Smith/Smith/Higgins)
  • Snake in the House (Hale/Kimes)
  • The First Time She Left (McCoury)
  • Loggin' Man (McCoury)
  • Member of the Blues (McDonald)
  • I'll Be There (Price/Gabbard)

  • Del McCoury - guitar, lead & tenor vocals
  • Rob McCoury - banjo
  • Ronnie McCoury - mandolin, tenor vocals
  • Jason Carter - fiddle, baritone vocals
  • Mike Bub - bass, baritone vocals
  • Jerry Douglas - Dobro

  • Producer - Jerry Douglas
  • Recording engineer - Bil VornDick, Jerry Douglas
  • Mixing - Bil VornDick, Jerry Douglas
  • Mastering - David Glasser
  • Photography - Seņor McGuire
  • Notes - Eddie Stubbs, Robert K. Oermann
  • Quotes - David Grisman, Steve Earle, Junior Brown
  • Thanks to Eddie Stubbs, Tad Marks, Sam Haine, Dana Cupp, Snuffy Smith, David Grisman, Mike O'Rieley, Billy B. Boren, Randy Scruggs, D'Addario Strings, Ken Irwin, Brad Paul, J.J. Rassler, Shay Quillen and all at Rounder, Keith Case & Associates, Andrea Compton, Harry Fontana, Jim McGuire, Jerry Douglas, Ellen Karas, Jon Glik, Jeff White, to all of our families, and with love to Jacob
  • Recorded at Music Row Audio and the Cowboy Arms Recording Studio, Nashville, TN.
  • Mixed at Scruggs Sound
  • Mastered at Airshow, Springfield, VA

Grisman's note is as follows;

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Del McCoury Band is my favorite bluegrass band. I've admired Del's singing and playing for over thirty years, and to watch his sons Ron and Rob grow into such fine musicians has been a real inspiration. Now that home-grown trio has found two great complements, fiddler Jason Carter (on his way to bluegrass fame) and bassist Mike Bob, who holds the whole crew together with the perfect foundation. My congratulations to you, Del, the masterful patriarch, for hangin' in there so long and true, and raising up (with Jean's help) such a wonderful brood. Y'all are going to take bluegrass into the 21st century in fine fashion.

Uncle "Dawg" Grisman
Mill Valley, California