The EP Collection...Plus

Jimmy Reed

Initial release : 2000

See For Miles


  • You Don't Have to Go (Reed)
  • Boogie in the Dark (Reed)
  • Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (Hunter / Otis / Reed)
  • Can't Stand to See You Go (Reed)
  • You Got Me Dizzy (Abner / Reed)
  • The Sun Is Shining (Abner / Reed)
  • Honest I Do (Abner / Reed)
  • A String to Your Heart (Reed)
  • You Got Me Crying (Reed)
  • I'm Gonna Get My Baby (Reed)
  • I Wanna Be Loved (Dunson / Reed)
  • Caress Me Baby (Reed)
  • I Know It's a Sin (Reed)
  • Take Out Some Insurance (Reed)
  • Baby, What You Want Me to Do (Reed)
  • Found Love (Reed)
  • Big Boss Man (Dixon / Smith)
  • Bright Lights, Big City (Reed)
  • Cold and Lonesome (Reed)
  • I'm Gonna Help You (Reed / Smith)
  • Up Tight (Reed)
  • I'm Trying to Please You (Reed)
  • Help Yourself (Reed)
  • Heading for a Fall (Things Ain't Like They Used to Be) (Reed)
  • A New Leaf (Arnold / Reed)
  • I'm Going Upside Your Head (Dunson / Reed)
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