The Essential

Mississippi Sheiks

Initial release : 2002

Classic Blues

A 2 CD collection.


  • Driving That Thing
  • The Jazz Fiddler
  • Sitting on Top of the World
  • I've Got Blood in My Eyes for You
  • I'll Be Gone, Long Gone
  • Stop and Listen Blues
  • New Shake That Thing
  • It's Done Got Wet
  • Sweet Maggie
  • Baby Keeps Stealin' Lovin' on Me
  • Bootleggers Blues
  • Sales Tax
  • Lazy Lazy River
  • If You Don't Want Me Please Don't Dog Me 'Round
  • What's the Name of That Thing
  • Jailbird Love Song
  • The Sheik Waltz
  • Grinding Old Fool
  • Still I'm Traveling On
  • Stop and Listen No. 2
  • Please Baby
  • Jumping Out Blues
  • Please Don't Give My Love Away
  • Tell Me What the Cats Fight About
  • Don't Wake It Up
  • Livin' in a Strain
  • Lonely One in This Town
  • Too Long
  • Jake Leg Blues
  • The World Is Going Wrong
  • She Ain't No Good
  • She's Crazy Abut Her Lovin'
  • Somebody's Got to Help You
  • Shooting High Dice
  • Stir It Now
  • Kind Treatment
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