The Flat-Picker's Guitar Guide: An Advanced Instruction Record

Jerry Silverman

Initial release : 1966


The cover photo of this LP was taken by John Cohen.


  • The Pick and How to Hold It
  • Church Lick: Johnson Boys / I Never Will Marry
  • Hammering-on: I am a Man of Constant Sorrow / Brown Eyes
  • Church Lick with the Blues Wrinkle: Crawdad
  • Typical Bluegrass Run: My Home's Across the Smoky Mountains
  • Barre Chords: The Muffle: Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
  • Barre Chords: The Shuffle: Bill Bailey
  • Carter Family: Wildwood Flower / Bright Shines the Moon / In the Pines
  • Single String: Everyday Dirt / Mountain Dew / Red Rocking Chair / Cindy
  • Cross Picking: Jesse James
  • Syncopation in the Carribean: Que Bonita Bandera / Love Alone
  • Fancy Stepper, The Unorthodox Church Lick: Na Kone Voronom

  • Annotation - Jerry Silverman
  • Cover design - Ronald Clyne
  • Cover photograph - John Cohen
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