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Friends of Old Time Music

Various Artists

Initial release : 1964


A collection of tracks by artists who participated in the Friends of Old Time Music concerts between 1961 and 1963.


  • Double File - Doc Watson and Gaither Carlton
  • Hicks' Farewell - Doc Watson and Gaither Carlton
  • Soldier's Joy - Hobart Smith
  • Claude Allen - Hobart Smith
  • Monday Morning Blues - Mississippi John Hurt
  • Pallet on the Floor - Mississippi John Hurt
  • Chick-a-la-lee-o - Almeda Riddle
  • Come All Ye Tender Hearted - Stanley Brothers
  • Little Birdie - Stanley Brothers
  • Rabbit in the Log - Stanley Brothers
  • Dark Holler Blues - Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley
  • What Did I Do To Be So Black and Blue? - Jesse Fuller
  • Mistreated Mama Blues - Dock Boggs
  • Hook and Line - Roscoe Holcomb
  • Pretty Fair Miss All in a Garden - Roscoe Holcomb
  • He's Coming In Glory Some Day - Doc Watson, Clint Howard, Fred Price

  • Producer - John Cohen, Peter K. Siegel
  • Recording - Edward A. Kahn, Ralph Rinzler, Peter K. Siegel, Mike Seeger

The Friends Of Old Time Music was a non-profit organization founded in 1960 by Margot Mayo, Jean Ritchie, John Cohen, Ralph Rinzler, and Israel G. Young with the aim of bringing traditional folk artists to New York City to perform.

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