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7/6/13 Sol Shine Weekends, Winter Park, CO

Leftover SalmonInitial release : 2013

Download show available from Includes Pasta On The Mountain which is a parody of the Grateful Dead song Fire On The Mountain.


  • Let's Give A Party
  • Mama Boulet
  • Bend In The River
  • Aquatic HitchHiker
  • Sing up to the Moon
  • High Country
  • Breakin' Through
  • Liza
  • Light Behind The Rain
  • Two Highways
  • Get Up and Go
  • Bird Call
  • Here Comes the Night
  • Pasta on the Mountain
  • Get No Better

  • Vince Herman
  • Drew Emmitt
  • Andy Thorn
  • Greg Garrison
  • Alwyn Robinson
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